About Me

I believe in honesty, hard work, and bringing passion and excellence to the things you do.

Over the years in my software career, I have led and been a part of numerous large and small teams. I've worn multiple hats from mentor, team lead, manager, and solo developer. 

What has held true for me in these positions is that, at the very least, the best thing I can do for the team is be helpful. I always make myself available to help break down roadblocks and move the team forward to accomplish our goals.


Software has been my passion for as long as I can remember. I love to create something from nothing and have it be used by others.

I've coded and designed applications ranging from mainframe to mobile applications using various front and backend tools and technologies.

As a software architect, I firmly believe in getting your hands dirty by staying close to the code either through reviews or, better yet, coding parts of the application; otherwise, it's hard to know if your architecture assumptions are valid.


To be an effective leader, you must communicate effectively with upper management and your team. Sometimes, that means having difficult conversations, but those should be focused on moving forward together, building trust, and understanding that we are all human and make mistakes.